Growing up in England, I never quite connected with my background. On my journey learning about how to take care of my skin, there were many obstacles that came in the way. I layered my skin with ingredients that I wasn’t even aware of what they were. The effects were quite harsh on my skin.

After making several trips to India as a child and adult, I was so intrigued and all became clear that I wanted to connect with my roots and share my journey. I wanted to pass on those traditions to anyone wanting to get connected.

I noticed how minimal products were used in self care in India, and their loyalty to their habitual daily routine. People used natural sources to take care of their skin, that can easily be found in their kitchen. Even to bathe themselves in yogurt, that has a natural form of lactic acid. This benefits the skin's appearance by tightening and shrinking pores.

I soon became familiar with the Golden Ingredients of India. I began to research more in depth of the benefits of these ingredients.

"Deep Sand Skin changed me as a person. I learnt to be kind to my skin. Now I am happy within my own skin. I connected with my roots,  finally bringing beauty to the surface.

Now let me help you to bring yours to the surface!"

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